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First Floor Flat 5, The Waldrons
CR0 4HB (UK)
Home: +44 (0)2086671417
Mobile: +44 (0)7794649923
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  • contract video game programmer with 16 years professional experience in console video game development
  • knowledgeable in many areas of process improvement and the game production life-cycle
  • helps development companies realise their game designs and get them published on time and on budget
  • teaches video game programming at London South Bank University


Hardware: Kinect, PS3, Wii, DS, Xbox, PS2, Gizmondo, GC, DC, PC, PSX, N64
Languages: C++, C#, C, Javascript, Java, Assembler, VU, Lua
Operating systems: Windows, Linux
Software: Visual Studio, Perforce, Unity3D, SourceSafe, GCC, CVS, SVN
Libraries: STL, WPF, SDL, DX, fmod, Alchemy, RW, OpenGL ES, MFC, Logik State sound
Design methods: Test Driven Design, Design Patterns, UML
Process: Scrum, Spiral, Evolutionary Delivery, XP
Coding practices: Refactoring, Unit Testing, DBC, Pair Programming
Management practices: risk management, pair programming


  • helped ship over 20 titles
  • Designed the programming unit for the BA (Hons) Game Cultures degree course at London South Bank University
  • founded Powered Up Games
  • designed and built game libraries for Oxygen and Coyote
  • led Acclaim's tool pool in the London Studio


Title Platforms Developer Publisher
Zumba Fitness 2 Wii, Kinect Zoë Mode Majesco
Haunt Kinect XBLA Zoë Mode Microsoft
Sing It: Party Hits PS3, Wii Zoë Mode Disney
Sing It: Family Hits PS3, Wii Zoë Mode Disney
Gravity Crash PS3 Just Add Water Sony
Agent Hugo: Hula Holiday Wii, PS2 Attractive NDS
Wonderworld Amusement Park Wii Attractive Majesco
Pirates: Duels on the High Seas DS Oxygen Oxygen
Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge Wii, PS2 Oxygen Oxygen
Cheggers' Party Quiz Wii, PS2 Oxygen Oxygen
Xiaolin Showdown DS Razorback Konami
Operation Vietnam (Conflict: Vietnam) DS (Gizmondo) Coyote Majesco
Just Cause PC, Xbox, PS2 Avalanche Eidos
Vietcong: Purple Haze PS2, Xbox Coyote Take Two
I-Ninja GC Coyote / Argonaut Namco
BIONICLE GC Coyote / Argonaut Lego
ArmyMen: RTS GC Coyote Global Star
ZooCube GC Coyote Acclaim
European Super League PSX, DC, PC Coyote / VIE VIE
Armorines: Project SWARM N64 Probe Acclaim
Re-Volt PC, PSX, N64, DC Probe Acclaim
Forsaken PC, PSX, N64 Probe Acclaim

Contract history

2013-2014 Mojo Bones (Croydon UK)

Engine, tools, and game programming for Siesta Fiesta on 3DS.

2013 Zoë Mode (Brighton UK)

Working on a motion detection system for the Wiimote.

2012-2013 Echo Peak (Brighton UK)

Front end menu system for Way of the Dogg in C# and Unity 3D

2012-2013 Zoë Mode (Brighton UK)

cross platform engine development on Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU, and PS3

2012 Relentless (Brighton UK)

A 6 week contract to extend and maintain the auto test programs and documentation for the Kinect National Geographic TV project. Programs were written in C#, Lua, and Ant script.

2012 National Film and Television School (Beaconsfield UK)

A 3 week contract to teach an intensive C++ and Unity programming course to Game Design and Development MA students. The course ran for 3 days per week and covered procedural programming techniques through to object oriented programming in C++ and UnityScript.

2010-2011 Zoë Mode (London and Brighton UK)

A 6 month contract to add online shopping and leaderboards to Sing It: Party Hits for PS3. Also assisted with debugging of Sing It: Family Hits for PS3 and Wii.

Followed by a 10 month contract to help deliver XBLA title Haunt for Kinect; release date currently unconfirmed. Created level construction tools in WPF, XML file formats, and game loading code. Also worked on the navigation code, Kinect gesture recognition, and ghost AI.

Followed by a 5 month contract on Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii and Kinect. Worked on LiveMove 2 gesture detection system for Wii and tool support for balancing difficulty. Adapted the Haunt engine code for the Kinect version of Zumba Fitness 2 concentrating on the animation system.

2008-2009 Just Add Water (London UK)

A 12 month contract to assist in the programming of the PS3 title Gravity Crash. Created the 2D landscape editor system and online features. Also worked on in-game AI, pixel and vertex shaders, and SPU particle processing.

2008 Attractive Games (London UK)

A 2 month contract to assist in the shipping of the PS2 and Wii title Agent Hugo: Hula Holiday and Wii title Wonderworld. Debugging and optimisation work.

2007-2008 Coyote Developments (London UK)

A 3 month contract to complete the PC client for the title Match Day Poker. Worked on the avatar customisation code. This project was completed but terminated due to a rights issue. This studio has since closed.

2007 Oxygen Studios (London UK)

A 10 month contract to develop a cross platform game engine for DS, Wii, and PS2. The engine was completed and used to develop the titles: Pirates: Duels on the High Seas, Cheggers' Party Quiz, and Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge. This studio has since closed.

2006 Razorback Developments (London UK)

A milestone based contract to aid in the production of the DS title Xiaolin Showdown. This project took approximately 7 months to complete. Mostly worked on the creation of mini games. Also worked on engine code that was later used in the title: Brain Voyage.

2006 Lionhead (Guildford UK)

Initially a 9 month contract to assist in the porting of the title The Movies to PS2. Helped optimise the DMA packet creation and VU decompression of the 3D data. This project was cancelled after the company was purchased by Microsoft.

2005 Coyote Developments (London UK)

A 3 month contract to help complete the title Conflict: Vietnam for the Gizmondo platform. Optimised several game sub-systems including the OpenGL ES framework. This project was cancelled due to the termination of the Gizmondo platform. But the project was ported and later released on the DS under the title Operation Vietnam.

2005 Avalanche (Stockholm Sweden)

A 6 month contract to help deliver the alpha milestone for the PS2 version of the title Just Cause. Optimised the memory, VU shadows, and creature rendering effects. Improved the build system and made the PS2 builds.

Employment history

2009-present London South Bank University (London UK)

Part time (4 hours per week) teaching programming to 2nd and 3rd year students.

1999-2004 Coyote Developments (London UK)

Development of cross platform in-house code library. Wrote automated unit test framework, debug library, 3D rendering via Renderware, and controllers. Developed game prototypes for Rex the Runt, Slipstream, Slot Racers, and Doctor Who.

Also helped to ship the games: Vietcong: Purple Haze, I-Ninja, BIONICLE, Army Men: RTS, ZooCube, European Super League.

1996-1999 Probe Entertainment (London UK)

Developed the Habitat PC editor program used to create the environments in the titles Forsaken and Re-Volt. Led the programming team for the title Armorines: Project SWARM.


Educated to A level in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Technology.


  • CodeClub
  • Contributor for wiki, wikipedia, wikibooks, and GameDeveloper
  • Runs this wiki
  • Free Software

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