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Game and Business software developer in Toronto, Canada. Open source code writer. Baker of fine goods.

C++ and Java Programmer

Strong C++ programming skills, with experience with multiple APIs.

Strong Java programming skills, with experience with JDK 1.5 and 1.4, plus many custom APIs.

Strong scripting skills with Python and Lua.

Quickly learns new technology.

Recent Projects

"Goatscape" written by the "Angry German Kids", Gameplay Video

ToJam 2006, wrote "Sally's Racing Stripe" in three days.

TW-Light, an open source space combat game set in the Star Control universe.

Game Industry Guy

Member of the IGDA Toronto Chapter's Steering Committee

Organizer of ToJam 2006, and with luck, ToJam 2007

Recent Employment History

Co-founder of Sprite House Games

C# and .Net developer for Arnold Interactive (a marketing company in Toronto, Canada)

Key Skills

C / C++

Roughly 5 years of experience


Roughly 5 years of experience, including J2EE and working on the Eclipse editor on my internship at IBM.

Other Stuff

Scripting, Gimp, SQL, lotsa stuff


  • B.Sc. Computer Science


  • Developer of several open source and independent projects
  • Avid game player: FPSs, puzzle games, arcade games, RPGs
  • Martial arts (Aikido, Tae Kwon Do), ultimate Frisbee, ball hockey, music (jazz, trip-hop, electronica), playing trombone and other brass instruments; camping, hiking, construction (family log cottage), open-source programming.
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