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First Floor Flat
5 The Waldrons
Tel +44 (0)2086811403
Company No. 05515799



Powered Up Games was founded 21/7/2005 by Paul Sinnett. It's aims are to provide professional game development services to game development companies.



Currently fully booked.

Client History

Powered Up Games has provided freelance game development services to the following companies:


There are two basic rates depending on the project requirements: fixed rate and fixed price.

Fixed rate

This rate is most appropriate when:

  • the term of the project is uncertain
  • the workload is expected to fluctuate over the length of the project
  • the contractor is intended to make up part of a larger team
  • the project is low risk

This contract is essentially risk free for the contractor so this price is roughly equivalent to the cost of an employee earning the industry average for a programmer with 6+ years of experience.

The rates and terms of this service are as follows:

  • for pure programming services the fixed rate is £35 per hour
  • rates are higher for additional responsibilities, such as project management or training
  • the cost to the client company is roughly the same as for an employee on £47,100 (at a cost to the company of £52,500 not including benefits.)
  • any work delivered that does not conform to a pre-agreed standard is fixed free of charge
  • the contract can be terminated at any time without notice

Fixed price

This rate is most appropriate when:

  • sub-contracting an entire project
  • the contractor is required to manage the project
  • the project is high risk

The contractor will assess the risks involved and cost the contract accordingly. Payment will normally be broken down into regular monthly deliverables throughout the project. Typical programming rates based on the estimated size of the project follow (the longer the project the lower the rate per month):

Estimated duration (months) Typical project cost
12+ £57,000+
8 £46,000
6 £38,000
4 £29,000
3 £23,000
2 £16,000
1 £9,000


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