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Freelance 3d artist with 3 years experience in developing graphics for games on a variety of platforms including PS2, Gamecube, XBox and PC.


Software: 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Deep Paint3d, Deep UV, Zbrush2
Skills: Concept Art, Low-Poly Modelling, Med-Poly Modelling, Sub-Division Modelling, Digital Sculpting, manual LODing, UVW mapping, 2d Texturing, FK and IK rig creation, Vertex weighting, MoCap Cleanup, Animation


Title Platforms Developer Published
Gunfighter 2: Return of Jesse James PS2 Rebellion Jan '03
Dredd vs Death PC, PS2, XBox, Gamecube Rebellion Oct '03
World War Zero: Iron Storm PS2 Rebellion Aug '04
Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 PC, PS2, XBox Swordfish Studios Aug '05

Employment history

Date Employer Job Title
Jul 04 – Present Freelance Freelance Artist
Apr 04 - July 04 Swordfish Studios Artist
July 02 - Mar 04 Rebellion Developments Ltd Artist


Date College Qualification
July 2002 Swansea Institute of Higher Education BSc(hons) Multimedia : Upper Second Class Honours


I have a wide range of outside interests and frequently research all manner of subjects. This breadth of knowledge helps me create more believable assets. I frequent game art related websites and message-boards such as Polycount, Gamasutra and CGChat to learn new techniques and technologies.

My main hobby is miniature modelling. My favourite subject material is science fiction, but I have been expanding to include World War 2, modern and speculative military equipment

I regularly play computer games both on console and on PC. Recently I have enjoyed F.E.A.R.


Available immediately for up to 25hrs per week.


Rates are negotiable.


Portfolio and CV available Here

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