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Adding a CV to is easy. CV's can be any length and formatted to taste. This site can also host CV's in PDF for downloading and printing.


Creating the page

To add a new contractor CV to the site, enter the URI as if it already existed. For example, to add a CV for Joe Bloggs enter the following URI:

Note that capitals are important and spaces must be replaced with underscores.

This should open a page called "Joe Bloggs" with contents: "There is currently no text in this page." To make this page just click on the "edit" tab and enter the text into the box. Don't forget to click the "Save page" button to complete the new entry.

Linking the page

The new CV page will now exist at the given URI. But the page will be separate from the rest of the site unless linked from another page or by category. Any contractor CV should contain the category "Contractor." To add this category, edit the page, and at the end of the entry, add the line:

[[Category:Contractor|Bloggs, Joe]]

This automatically adds an entry in the index of contractors under B (for Bloggs.)

Adding a PDF file

To add a PDF file, click on the "Upload file" link. Make sure the name of the file is unique. For example, "Joe_Bloggs_CV.pdf" is better than "CV.pdf"

To link your CV page to an uploaded file, edit the page and add a link to the file. For example:

[[Image:Joe_Bloggs_CV.pdf|CV in pdf format]]

Name conflicts

If a page already exists for a different Joe Bloggs then names must be distinguished. For example, to distinguish Joe Bloggs the artist from Joe Bloggs the programmer, make new pages for:

Then edit the original Joe Bloggs page link to the two (or more) new pages.

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