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14 Belford Road
Tel +44 (0)131 220 0799
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Black Company Studios was founded by Chris Chapman in April 2005. Based in Edinburgh, Black Company provides development capabilities on demand for games studios and publishers alike.

Our experience spans PC, Wii, DS, PS2, PSP, XBox and more, and we can easily adapt to fit the needs of our clients. We will consider all jobs, small and large. We provide flexible and competent support for games development, and are perfectly placed to move quickly and develop the high quality software needed in a minimal amount of time. We specialise in software support, but also have freelance artists available to assist in development of game pilots, platform conversions of existing titles, or general engine technology.



Title Platforms Role Publisher
Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer PS2 Development (VIS Entertainment) Sony Europe
NTRA: Breeders Cup PS2 Software sub-contract (4J Studios) Bethesda
Pirates! PSP/PC Prototype development (Add Knowledge) n/a
Unannounced PC/Wii/DS Software sub-contract (Four Door Lemon) n/a
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes WiiWare Port of an existing PC title to WiiWare (Ideas Live) Legacy Interactive
Unannounced PC Tools development for Evolution Studios n/a


  • We are currently looking for additional projects, and are open to any and all discussions regarding potential work. We can provide development support remotely, and on-site support depending on circumstances.
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