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An agency employs freelancers to fill part-time or full-time vacancies for their clients. This approach allows us to focus on our game development work as everything else is handled by the agency. The risk of non-payment is low, but that payment may be lower. The choice of work is more restricted.

There is no obligation to take any contract provided by the agent. That is, the agency will usually offer multiple choices, but most will expect us to regularly take one of the contracts on offer. Some agencies allow holidays between contracts.

The agency is responsible for:

  • arranging the contract;
  • negotiating the rate;
  • collecting payments; and
  • handling the accounts.

The contractor is responsible for:

  • performing the work;
  • keeping to agency standards; and
  • keeping a timesheet.

The agency will usually pay its contractors through its own PAYE scheme. This effectively makes the contractor an employee of the agency for the purposes of tax and rights.

Some agencies offer their contractors benefits similar to those they might expect from permanent work. These might include:

  • sick pay
  • holiday pay
  • training
  • insurance
  • accountancy services

Employment agencies offering this service include:

although none of these companies specialise in game development.

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